Friday, June 12, 2009


is like a closet whose door you open and a dozen things topple out on your head.

When you try to close the closet you have to stuff even more things back in, and lean on the door.

Luckily, they are mostly good things - just so many of them! What with school ending, and summer ramping up fast, and assorted other distractions, we have been on the go pretty much non-stop every day since even before the beginning of the month.

I gauge my "easiness" of a week by how many evenings I get to spend at home. Usually I have one night at home between Monday and Thursday. Sometimes I have 2. A lovely, slow week has 3 evenings during which I do not have to be out for significant time. (This does not count driving kids to their activities.) For the past 3 weeks I have had just 1 weeknight at home. Lots of the other nights have faced competing demands, causing me to turn down invitations and cancel commitments. Everything is good, just too much of it.

Yesterday I began the day early, by stopping by the church to pick up sandwiches that the group had made and refrigerated Wednesday evening. I put them into cooler chests and drove downtown for an 8am drop-off at the mission. I do this just once a month, and really enjoy it. Yesterday it was warm and bright out. The missions' guests seemed mostly happy and relaxed. The staff and volunteers were calm and upbeat. After that I drove back to work where I sat in a board meeting all morning. I finished just in time for a cycle class on my lunch break. That's always a good way to unwind after an intense meeting. By the end of the class I felt centred (and hungry - breakfast was a long time ago!). I showered, changed, wolfed my packed lunch, then worked a long day - until 8pm, because I was signed on as site supervisor (the person who looks after emergencies, complaints, decision-making etc for the rec centre) for the afternoon and evening. It was a quiet shift, and I had the treat of eating supper at the office with Fiona, who stopped by after school, and picked up sushi for us both. While I was working, Alex bused to the centre and took my car from the parking lot to drive to work. At 8pm Andy drove over, picked me up and brought me home. At home: a puddle on the rug from the dog, so I shampooed that part of the carpet, put on some laundry, then poured a glass of red wine and breathed out....ahhhh.

Today, I have the day off work. The payoff for marathon days is some short days or days off in return. I continue to work a flex schedule, which suits my flexible life.

My plans: a walk with the dog, another cycle class (and some weights - woo hoo!), a couple of errands, finish sewing a dress, pick up Fi and all of the contents of her emptied locker from school, drive Alex to work, drive Fi to a performance commitment, then go meet my parents and my sister (in town from Cranbrook) for supper, then pick up Alex and Fi and come home. Maybe another glass of red wine at the end of all that?

I am super excited to see Barb this evening. She's in town for a teacher conference. I haven't seen her in months. Her daughter Maya graduates from high school this month, so I'm thinking her June is something like ours. I hope her getaway weekend is relaxing.

I hope that some time today I can open the closet door, dodge any falling bowling balls, and have a look at this crazy month, marvel at its hodge-podge of crazy goodness and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. June won't be like this my whole life long. I'm going to love the closet the way it is today.

question: how does your closet look right now?

mompoet - grinning and dodging

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