Tuesday, June 16, 2009

dog love haiku

I cry every
morning when I walk her, she's
nudging heaven's gate


Muhd Imran said...

I am not good at interpretations... but I think your dog is happy now in dog heaven.

Lynn Valley Girl said...

Is this a true haiku? Is Soliel not doing well?

mompoet said...

Soleil is still with us, but in her last days, we think. She is having trouble walking. The vet assures us she is not in pain. It's just that her spine is not communicating reliably with her back legs, so she stumbles and collapses. If you see us out on a walk (usually on the grass and earth because she can injure her numb toes easily on hard surfaces) you'll probably see her sitting down for a rest along the way. We are enjoying our last days or weeks with her. She is a treasure.

Thank you for your concern.

~Camy said...

Dogs are treasures indeed. Enjoy Soleil as much as you can. Our oldest of the 3 is Sheba and we worry about her as she sometimes has trouble getting up on her feet. So we love her as much as we can.

Cathy said...

I had a nice visit with Soleil yesterday and told her what I tell all old dogs that they only have one flaw ... they don't stay with us long enough. She is a sweet old girl ... my heart goes out to your whole family.