Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alex Year One Grad

Alex received his Certificate in Motion Picture Studies at Capilano University last night. He has completed the one-year program.

The ceremony was lovely, celebrating the accomplishments of students in the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, and also the one year anniversary of Capilano's designation as a university. Along with students from Alex's program, there were acting, musical theatre and jazz students, costume designers, animators and many others. Still, the ceremony was just 1 hour long, which was a blessing. It's still a small university, and 5 ceremonies were held, one for each faculty or group of faculties.

Now Alex is waitlisted for the 2nd year of Motion Picture Studies, which will result in a diploma.

question: what was your grad ceremony like?

mompoet - I think mine was about 4.5 hours long


Lazy Daisy said...

Congrats to to Alex...our Canadian daughter just got her Masters. Isn't education wonderful.

Lynn Valley Girl said...

Congratulations Alex!!!