Monday, June 01, 2009


I have been waking early each morning - perhaps because of the warmth and brightness of late spring. The extra hour each morning is a treat, and I'm not feeling especially tired at night, so I'll take it!

This morning, before waking, I dreamed about my day today. At work we will host the official opening of an outdoor fitness park for older adults, built on the grounds of the rec centre. We have chairs, cake, a ribbon for cutting, VIPs, parking attendants, directional signs - all in all a big fuss and a very special morning. So it's natural that I dreamed about it.

In the dream, a friend suggests I should arrive at work in "a long white dress, fancy but without too many decorations, and puffy sleeves." Somehow, I walk to work (which happens to be at the local high school) and arrive wearing a muslin mockup of a bride's dress. When I arrive I see the setup for a party and realise it's the day for the park opening, and I have work to do, arranging and hosting. I am dressed inappropriately! I try to find my boss, who is, coincidentally, my grade 8 socials studies teacher, to tell her that I must run home to change and will return as soon as I can. She cannot be found. I run out of the school and find myself in the student parking lot, with my helpful friend, who tells me I'll never make it home and back in time. So I cleverly decide to steal a car from the parking lot. I choose an ancient wood-panelled station wagon. The driver has left the key in the car, so my friend and I get in and drive away. I arrive at home, and decide I have made a mistake. The owner of the car will report it missing and I will be found and arrested for stealing a car. I decide to go to the police station to explain that I took the car, but realise the error of my ways. I am embarassed to go to the police station in a mock-up of a wedding dress, but time is running short and I don't have time to change. I try to park the car beside the police station, but the brakes don't work. I haul on the emergency brake and pull the car to a stop. When I get out, I see that the car is massively damaged on the passenger side. Did I do this? or was it half-crushed when I took it and I just didn't notice? I wake up.

question - does anyone else still set their anxiety dreams at high school?

mompoet - I ironed my clothing last night and will dress appropriately for today's event (and take transit to work)

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