Monday, August 04, 2008

I am back

It's August 4, and my 3-week experiment of writing just for myself is winding down. I have been writing my morning pages, and writing exercises and reading poetry and various other good stuff. I feel like my creative motor has been restarted, and lots of stuff is chuffing and belching out. I have decided to recommence regular blogging, but to put my own writing first. So if I skip a few days here and there, it's because I am turning to the blank page, looking inward, frolicking with my muse.

Summer is a good time for this. I just took a spur-of-the-moment week off and drove up to Cranbrook with Alex. It's been 3 years since I visited my sister's home there, mostly because she was out of the country for a couple of years, then she returned this time last summer so we left her and her family to resettle before arriving as stay-over guests. We've enjoyed several visits here, but it's not the same as when we go there. The thirteen hour drive across the south end of our province was a nice time to talk with Alex alone. We got onto topics like "who is God?" and "the nature of fear." When you are hurtling forward in a car together it's just easier to open up and talk about big ideas and feelings. Once we got there we had a great time. I took my writing and reading stuff and found time each day to do some of each. Mostly we just enjoyed the company of our loved ones. The cousins had a great time together, and we visited Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho, where I rode a wooden coaster that is now my second-favourite in the world. This is not my video, but it does represent the experience pretty well. I like the design of this coaster. You pretty much reverse in a big loop halfway through, and travel back parallel to your original path. Much fun.

Aside from that we have enjoyed celebrating Fiona's birthday, Alex receiving his high school transcripts (yes, he has graduated from Grade 12), and lots of fun in the sun around town. Now I'll sign off, and post a few photos of Nelson's East Kootenay adventure, under a separate heading.

question: have you taken a break from your routine lately?

mompoet - coming up refreshed and energized


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Your back ... even once a week is great .... I just missed getting to read your writing! You'd think we lived miles apart .... wouldn't you? Mompoet, if your writing only appeared in a magazine I'd buy it ... That's how much I like your writing!!


Kristene said...

Good to have you back. Look, I have very limited entertainment out here on my deserted island so please don't leave me hanging that long again!

I am still on my own Mompoet-inspired hiatus. It's helping. I think breaks from routine are essential.

See you in October!

Anonymous said...

Oh ... by the way I wasn't alerting you to the fact that something was wrong with your back ... typo .... I meant you're back!

(proofing her comment one day late!)