Sunday, August 31, 2008

wisdom teeth

Alex got all 4 wisdom teeth extracted on Thursday. He is recovering very well at home, and deciding whether or not to go in to work on Monday.

The oral surgeon did an excellent job. Alex was given IV sedation so he slept through the procedure, which took about 30 minutes. I waited in the reception area with other moms and grandmas. When he was done, I was summoned to the recovery room, which is down the hall and around the corner, and has its own discreet exit, so partially sedated, gauze-mumbling patients don't stagger through the waiting area and cause incoming patients to feel alarm.

We have been following the detailed instructions for pain relief, hygiene and a gradual return to eating chewable foods. Alex has been stuck at home all weekend, and is determined to go out today, although he's not sure if he's ready to drive the car. I have stocked up on yogurt and applesauce, and have been making a lot of pudding. I cooked the softest mainstream recipe that I know for our shared supper last night (cheese tortellini Alfredo).

I'm glad that Alex made it through this young adult rite of passage with relative ease. This is something you have to do just once, then it's done.

question: do you still have your teeth of wisdom?

mompoet - still wise, but not in the teeth

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