Tuesday, August 26, 2008


There's this big house that I dream about from time to time. Every time I dream it, we are just newly moving or moved in, and still deciding where to put things and which room will belong to whom and be used for what. It's a weird house, multi-leveled and situated on a steep slope, with large rooms, not all regularly shaped or laid out. The rooms also seem to have been built at different times, and in different styles, still it is all one house. Whenever I am in this house, I worry about being in one part of the house and being to far away from my family members and others who are in the house (guests, extended family, workers there to do renovations). Often in my dream I explore the house and find rooms that I did not know were there, and that are sometimes inhabited by people who I did not know lived in the house. Sometimes the rooms are frightening, like dark cellars and gaping decrepit halls, but in these dreams I am always looking for more rooms that we can use to live in, store our stuff, use for activities.

This time I dreamed that we were going through the house room by room, making an inventory of things that needed to be fixed. We came to one room that looked pretty good but all empty. I noticed a mark on one wall so I went to check it and discovered that the entire wall was made of poster-board like you buy for school projects. It was stuck to the wall studs with staples.

I also had a guest staying over in this dream, up at the highest level of the house, in an old-fashioned bedroom with bay windows. The guest said she had a lovely sleep, then departed. Then the bedroom expanded into a gymnasium and a stream of young people in gym clothing came in and began playing soccer. They were accompanied by a young adult coach. I spoke with him and he told me these youth were from another country and didn't speak English, and that they love soccer. The previous owner had allowed them to come in every day to play soccer in her house. I decided it was okay if the janitor who worked in my house (apparently I had a janitor working there) would help keep an eye out, and if the kids would not kick balls too hard at the walls or break anything. I asked to speak with them but they could not understand me and would not listen, so I kicked them out of the house and told them to come back tomorrow if they were willing to listen to the rules before they played.

Then I woke up.

question: what does this one mean?

mompoet - going places in my dreams, sometimes the same place, but always a new situation


Lynn Valley Girl said...

I dream a dream very similar and I had one again last night. I'm usually in a house but I don't know why I am in this strange house and my family isn't there. I'm usually worried about doors that don't lock. I am also wondering why the house is in need of repair and sometime there are dirt floors...??

Lazy Daisy said...

Sounds like the begining of a Steven King novel...are you branching out into other creative ventures?

Hey stop by and check out a really old picture of me and my sister when we were both cute!

Kristene said...

OK, so I'm not the only house-dreamer. Actually, it's been awhile since I had one but for several years it was a recurring theme. Never the same house twice, and the mood was always different, but the many, many rooms that were just "weird" or oddly constructed occurred in every dream. Also the feeling of being lost, that was very prevalent.

Interesting to see I am not alone!

Muhd Imran said...

Wow. There will be many interpretations to a dream. Even more of a recurring one.

Come to think of it, I had a recurring dream of my old village home too. The front door was just too weak and locking it was just hopeless as it could easily be bashed opened by anyone.

I had to make sure I lock it still for my parents before I go to bed. To keep out intruders.

Strange... what is our conscience trying to tell us? I can think of many things that can be associated to my dream, but until now, nothing is definite.

The answer is still out there... but when the recurring dream stops, does that mean we've past that... whatever it was we were dealing with at the time?