Friday, August 08, 2008


This week has been like a washing machine of unexplainable occurrences, near-misses and silly coincidences. Kind of like God's grab bag of "what next" all dumped out on the table. Looking back, it's mostly too trivial to mention and some of it personal (surviveable but confidential), but cumulatively enough to make me feel caught adrift in some kind of raucous rapids of WOO WOOOOO WOOOPS!

The highlight of weirdness that I can tell you about is Alex's first car crash. First of all, he is 100% okay, although his eyeglasses look like someone put them in the Cuisinart for a minute. He didn't bump his head, so we're not sure how that happened to the glasses, but it did, and luckily the lady at Lenscrafter was able to reshape them to nearly new, and he'll get new glasses this Fall anyhow.

Here's what happened: Alex had the car on Wednesday to go to a softball tournament hosted by his work. I took the bus to work, and was planning to walk home after, but just as I was about to leave, one of our senior ladies from the rec centre fell down on her way out to the car, and wasn't able to stand up. We called the ambulance, and I sat on the ground with her for about an hour waiting, while my co-workers brought ice for her injured wrist, cold water for her to drink (it was hot outside) and a blanket to lean back on. The ants were crawling and some little flies were biting us, and she was in a fair bit of pain with her wrist (which turned out to be broken), but we chatted and she kept remarkably good spirits while we waited for the paramedics to arrive. We even joked about what was worse - falling down or sitting on an anthill for an hour, as we suspected we might be at one point. By the end of that I didn't want to walk home, or ride on a steamy busy, so I called Alex for a ride.

Alex was heading out to pick me up when he was rear-ended. He and another driver were stopped, waiting to merge from our neighbourhood onto the highway when a third driver drove into the back of the car behind Alex, bashing car number 2 right into him. Kind of car bocce, I guess. The worst part is that driver #3 left the scene, and Alex and the other driver did not get her license plate number. Alex was shaken up but unharmed. Our car has some damage, which our insurance will fix. Driver #2 was driving a great big car that was not damaged and he is okay too.

The nice part of the story is that our neighbour was driving home from work, and noticed Alex by the side of the road. He stopped and helped Alex. He helped take down the other driver's information, then drove Alex home in our car. He even phoned his wife and asked her to pick me up at my office on her way home from work. This was just what we needed. It was such a comfort to know that Alex didn't have to deal with this stressful situation all by himself. And what a kindness to have my friend pick me up and bring me home to Alex, tired and worried as I was. We always say we have the best friends in the world living all on our street. This is just an example of the kindness that is shown to us by these friends. Thank you Wayne and Karen. You are the best.

I am grateful that this all turned out okay. I always think that a near miss is a special blessing. It's too bad it happened, but good that it happened the way that it did, and was not worse. Every time we stumble and fall into soft arms, I am reminded of this.

question: what has your week been like?

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

That's quite a posting. Mostly I read it worried about Alex but I am relieved that he is fine. A scare for him, I'm sure but he's fine. I am always reminded about our wonderful neighbours for all the caring that goes on between us. How lucky for Alex to have Wayne and Karen come along at the right time.
I also read with no surprise to me how you stayed with the senior until help arrived. You have a big heart and you only thought about her and kept her amused by discussing the ants. Too funny! You were good to stay with her. Paying it forward perhaps.
I'm glad all is well.

mompoet said...

Thanks LVG, me too!