Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have been spinning busy, alternating with flop-tired slumping. Working backwards, here's the catch-up.

Tuesday (today) was school at work. I got my first assignment back - 82% which is okay but I'm a pushy-for-perfect student. Average was high seventies. I want 85 or better on assignment 2. We're bonding as a student group (22 of us) and our teacher is very good. She helps us digest the information from our voluminous homework reading, and keep us awake and sharing for 7 hours, which is quite a feat. Our training department head says the Parks people are worst for wiggling and snoozing after lunch. I think it's because we need to move around. Leila, our teacher, lets us move around in our imaginations and socially, so it's not too bad. And I go for a brisk walk at lunch with my new friend Blanka from the Clerks Dept. That helps too. Tuesday evening: casserole construction, laundry folding, telephone conversations miscellaneous and many, debrief with Alex about his interview this afternoon (went well). Early bed soon.

Monday advertised itself as an unstructured day at work, but turned into a jumbo-juggle bumble when the planned HVAC work was scrambled by a broken crane. Rooms we had closed were open. "Safe" rooms were out of bounds or partially disassembled by the time we came in. As a team, we combined our efforts and Monday morning brainpower to move our various groups and courses to safe a suitable rooms (a tight squeeze under normal circumstances). Instead of catching up on the pile on my desk, I cruised the building, smoothing and explaining. The day flew by, and it felt good that we got through it but wheww! I walked home to unwind. It's one hour from work to home. It bucketed rain the last 15 minutes. When I got home I put on my pajamas just in time for a lightning storm. Late supper, early bed in anticipation of early morning Tuesday for longer bus trip to faraway course location.

Sunday - Fi had a workshop downtown at 10. I booked out of church, and Andy and I drove down together with Fi. After we dropped her off we went to Stanley Park. We parked at Prospect Point and walked to the middle of the Lion's Gate Bridge. English Bay was surreal in its mist shroud. We walked around the reconstructed portion of the seawall. Not many people out on a damp Sunday morning, but it was warmer than it has been for days, so very nice. Later, we rendezvoused with Alex for Szechuan lunch, then he and Andy did a practice drive out to Capilano College for Alex's entrance interview. I ran a few errands then picked up Fi from her workshop at 4. We had a rainy barbeque supper at home, then watched the first half of Spirited Away (English version). Good stuff.

Saturday - Drove Fi to rehearsal. Alex took off to his new job at the movie theatre in my car. Then Andy and I drove out to Surrey and found tiles for our downstairs bathroom floor re-do. Back on our side of the Fraser River, we took a sunny walk along the dike at the Pitt River, then went to the pub for lunch. Saturday night evening we went to the Metro Theatre in Vancouver for a production of Anything Goes. It was very funny and quaint.

Friday - Knocked off work at noon. Met friends for lunch - Happy Birthday Chris! - then picked up Fiona and her friend Natasha from school and drove them and Fi's friend Shannon out to the Chandos Pattison in Surrey for a benefit concert. I did some reading for my course at Tim Horton's while they did a run through, then I watched the show with the other moms and dads. It was all about artists and their art. It was cute and funny.

This takes me back to my last post of a lounging cat. I did my impersonation of her in between flurry bursts. All in all it was a good weekend and start of the new week.

There it all is. Or most of it, anyway.

Question: what-all you been doing?

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