Wednesday, April 09, 2008

daytime into dream consciousness

On Monday at work we had a sad incident with one of the men in the community. He has no place to live, and struggles with addiction. Late in the afternoon, we found him asleep under the bench at the bus stop outside our front door. My partner at work has been meeting with him and our community police rep. Together they have been trying to help this man get into treatment and find support and safe housing. He's still outside, and clearly struggling these days.

So at night I dreamed about homelessness. I somehow mixed in some sad news from the weekend and my festival experience to make a collage of unlikely events, but that's dreaming for you.

Mom and my sister and I are on the run from a bad man who wants to harm us. Our home is not safe. We must leave without coats, belongings or money. I have my cell phone. We have bus passes apparently, because we take the bus to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver to see a musical. We are sitting in the theatre, watching Cats, when I realise we can all go live at my house and we will be safe. My husband will protect us. So I'm watching Cats and trying to text Andy to tell him I'm coming home, and my Mom and sister are coming to live with me.

question: when your brain solves a problem in dream-life, where does it get its ideas?

mompoet - collaging

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Lazy Daisy said...

I once dreamed that I had quintuplets and my hubby was giving them away like puppies. I had just read a Magazine cover story about a set of quints.