Monday, April 14, 2008


Spring has been unseasonably cold. Cold and damp. Damp most of the time, cold always.

I have not got out of black shoes and fuzzy coats yet, and it's mid-April. Until Saturday.

Warmth was predicted days in advance. We all walked around buzzing "20!" (this referring to degrees Celsius). Giddy with hopefulness we shivered through the week, almost afraid to believe it could happen.

Saturday arrived. By 9am it was 11 degrees outside. By early afternoon it was 22. We opened all of the windows to the house to let the warm, fresh air in. Flowers bloomed. Cherry blossoms popped. It was instant spring. In our car, we rolled down all of the windows and let our hair blow. We saw kids wearing shorts and bathing suit tops outdoors. We stood on the balcony and blinked.

Sunday morning it rained a bit, then warmed again. Another beautiful day!

Today it rains again, but I'm sure it's not so chilly. Maybe I can put away my black shoes and fuzzy coat.

question: are you warm?

mompoet - talking about the weather is boring, but this is momentous to us


Lynn Valley Girl said...

I love how the weather is the most talked about event in our beautiful coastal city. All day long at work on Friday, we chatted to our customers about the anticipation of warm weather promise for Saturday. I am enjoying the birds and the blossoms and I too hope it's time to exchange the cold weather clothes with shorts and flip-flops.

Muhd Imran said...

Interesting weather there makes for interesting conversation about the weather.

In SIngapore, it is mostly warm... well, hot actually, and we wish it rained a little.

Somehow, it should be like summer here around this time, but it has been raining everyday especially in the afternoon for some reason.

The weather here is unpredictable this past decade that it has become a conversational piece on this island.

Still, a breezy sunny day is much wished for here. Occasional rain makes the grass greener and the dust removed. Nice, clean and fresh air.

For now, we just have to wait out with the heavy downpour before we can go to the beach to laze around on the weekends.

Have a great Spring!

Lazy Daisy said...

Sending you warm thought and brightly colored spring dreams.