Thursday, April 17, 2008

outgoing about going out

Thank you to Carol for this quiz:

Your Social Anxiety Level: 0%

You have low social anxiety.

You don't have any social anxiety. In fact, you love being social.

You're well adjusted and likely quite outgoing. Your social skills put others at ease.

I am not totally free of social anxiety. The survey didn't ask:

Do you mentally rehearse what will happen at a social event before you go?
Do you obsess about what you will wear to a social gathering?
Do you wonder if everyone else in the room feels like they might not find someone to talk to?
Do you dream about the party before you go?

I think I work out the anxiety in these ways. Anyway - take the quiz and find out for yourself.

question: do you sit on the couch, perch in the kitchen, or move around the room(s) at a party?

mompoet - usually happy to meet you!

1 comment:

Carol said...

I usually move around looking for people that aren't talking to others.
I prefer one on one conversations.