Sunday, April 20, 2008

milestone weekend

Today was a pretty ordinary weekend for Andy and me, but for our kids, it was huge.

On Saturday, Alex began his new job at the movie theatre. He got a job at Silvercity, which is a gigantic complex with 20 screens that shows all of the mainstream features plus livecast sporting events and the opera. I think a church also holds its services in one of the theatres on Sunday mornings. Alex will be trained as an entry level "cast member," so he'll learn to work at the box office, the concession and on the floor (ticket-taking, cleanup, ushering). He's doing his training now and likes it very much.

On Sunday, Fiona sang at the honours concert for the Coquitlam Music Festival. She will represent the festival in her age category at the Performing Art BC Provincial competition in May. This is a wonderful honour and a big challenge.

We are totally and wonderfully proud of our kids all of the time. Weekends like this are reminders of their bright potential, and testament to their hard work and good character. Their success tells us that the paths they have chosen are good ones, and that they will be just fine in the future. That's what every parent wants to know.

question: what milestones do you see (or anticipate) in your life or the lives of the ones you love?

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