Sunday, July 29, 2012

worth the wait - nature's bounty in our garden

Here are the first 4 delectable fruit from our Sweet 100s plant, growing in a pot on our deck. We also have Early Girl, also in a pot. The two plants are about 6 feet tall and covered already in blossoms and green fruit. Bees and sunshine, do your work!

Andy and Fiona are out for the day, so Alex and I got to eat these, which is fitting. We are the tomato-lovers of the household. Alex especially loves the ones we grow at home. He talks about them all winter and asks when they will be ready as soon as we start with our plants in the spring.

I made bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. To use these I would have needed a teeny-tiny loaf of bread and a piece of micro-bacon, neither of which I have, so instead I used regular-scale ingredients and gave the 4 tiny toms a place of honour as garnish tomatoes, speared onto our sandwiches with toothpicks. I wish I had taken a picture of the sandwiches, but they were so good we just ate them!

The garden down in the yard is looking amazing too.

I'm making a 19th birthday family feast for Fiona tonight. The rhubarb has been baked into a crisp, along with apple slices and blueberries because there wasn't enough to do all rhubarb. I think it will be delish, and a wonderful summer birthday cake alternative.

This is Andy's and my third summer of vegetable gardening in our back yard and on our deck. He plants, feeds, weeds and waters. I pick and cook. May and June were pretty discouraging but now that we have sunshine, everything is leaping up and and doing its exuberant best to catch up and grow, grow, grow. So I will cook, cook, cook. I do love summer!

question: how does your garden grow?

mompoet - two brown thumbs, but golden in the kitchen

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