Saturday, July 21, 2012

red pizza and green pizza

Thursday evenings in the summer, I work until 6:30. I came home and wanted to make something quick and really delicious. I had two bags of Iranian flatbread from Joes' Market, so I made our family's favourite pizzas:

Here's the red pizza ready to eat, and the green pizza still under construction. I had a Duke's Cider on the go, so I didn't mind waiting for the second one to get into the oven.

Red pizza is for Andy and Alex. They like pepperoni. Half of the pizza is just flatbread, tomato sauce, pepperoni and lotza mozza. The other side also includes chopped onions and green pepper. The flatbread makes an easy, thin, crispy crust. I cut it with kitchen scissors to serve it.

Here's the finished green pizza:

Yum, forgot to take a photo until after I served myself up a couple of slices. This is Fiona's and my favourite. It has pesto, chicken, kale, chard, goat cheese, parmesan and a little mozza. The kale and chard come from our garden this time of year.

I made a big veggie plate to go along with the pizza and we had the perfect supper by about 7:30.

question: what do you like to eat when you get home on the late side?

mompoet - good food is worth waiting for, especially if you have a Duke's

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