Saturday, July 21, 2012


A few weeks ago, a pair of robins built a nest on a beam that runs underneath our outdoor deck. Soon, we noticed them flying in and out of the nest, carrying worms and insects. A week or so ago we got our first glimpse of little beaks poking out of the nest. We tried to give the family space and not disturb them. Whenever we went out on the deck or into the back yard, the parents would fly out to the fence and chirp at us, trying to distract us from the nest, I think. The neighbours' cats also discovered the situation. Fortunately, the nest is beyond their reach, but they have been lurking and keeping an eye out for an opportunity.

This morning, Andy noticed something on one of our deck chairs. We took a look through the window and here's who we saw:

Short-tailed little baby bird huddled under one of our chairs for an hour or so, then he/she flew up to the patio table then onto another chair.

Mama and Papa Robin were swooping and chirping like crazy. Baby chirped back. Then brother or sister bird landed on the railing. Before I could get a photo of the siblings, they took off and flew high into the cedar tree at Rhonda and Chris's house next door.

I phoned Chris to make sure the cats are inside. They are, and will stay there until we're sure the baby robins are good fliers. In the meantime, it looks like 3 babies and their parents are conducting flight school in our back yards.

question: did anyone get hatched or born in your neighbourhood recently?

mompoet - happy to witness this story unfolding

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