Wednesday, July 11, 2012

bc berries

Last Friday, Andy and I drove out to Port Coquitlam. We bought 2 flats of local berries picked that same morning. I made strawberry jam with them Friday afternoon. Our local berries are delicate, sweet, flavourful and red right to the centre. They are small, more perishable and infinitely more delicious than the berries that are imported 7 or 8 months out of the year from California.

I felt sad when I heard that the local berry growers are suffering because the stores and canneries are shunning their berries in favour of the big bouncy cheaper imports. Here's the story. 

I understand that it makes business sense for the big buyers. It hurts the farmers and consumers. I hate to think that one day soon we won't be able to find yummy, BC farm grown strawberries during their short harvest in June or July. The farmer in PoCo said that last weekend was the end of the season for him. I hope he will be successful enough to continue growing the local berries next year, and in the years to come.

question: did you get your BC strawberries?

mompoet - raspberries and blueberries are coming soon!

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