Monday, July 09, 2012

a little bit too temporary

Look what fell out while I was cooking supper. I wasn't even eating, but perhaps I was drooling a bit. That supper was on its way to being really good. Those things beside my glasses are two temporary teeth that came unglued from the spots they were holding for two crown, scheduled to be put into my mouth later this week.

My dentist's office closes at 6pm, so I phoned the emergency number, which turns out to be my dentist's cell phone. He asked me to try to snap the temporary teeth back on to my tooth stumps. He did not say tooth stumps, he just said snap it back on, but I know what he meant. He said to come in tomorrow morning if it won't snap back on, and to call him back if I experienced any extreme sensitivity or discomfort.

So I sucked it up, buttercup.

The two fake teeth toppers would not snap back into place, so I put them in a small tupperware container to keep them safe. I took them out to show Fiona and Andy, who were less than impressed, and also to photograph them. They say there's a poem for every break-up, so there surely must be a blog post for every dental mishap.

I discovered that my yummy supper of eggs and vegetables could be eaten, even with stump teeth. It just took a bit longer because I chewed only on the other side. My tooth stumps are sensitive to cold liquids, but I discovered I can block them with the side of my tongue and sip with a straw through the intact side of my mouth. Heck, I even made frosty cold mojitos for Andy and me after supper.

I really want to look at my tooth stumps, so after I post this, I'm going to find a small mirror that I can hold up to my mouth and reflect over to the bathroom mirror. I promise not to take a picture of my tooth stumps and post it on my blog. There is a limit to what I will share.

My appointment to get the beautiful new permanent crowns is on Wednesday. I hope they are ready and can be put on tomorrow. Otherwise I'll be at the dentist's office twice this week. In the meantime, just call me Peggy the Stump-Tooth Straw-Sucker.

question: did your tooth (real or fake) ever fall out?

mompoet - snapping my gums and tapping my toes YEP YEP YEP!

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