Tuesday, July 31, 2012

family campfire night

We are on the Sunshine Coast enjoying a family getaway. We're staying at the beautiful home of Andy's brother and his wife. They have a fire pit in their yard, so we had a marshmallow roast last night, and made s'mores.

After the campfire, we brought all of the s'more supplies in and washed off the marshmallow sticks. There are bears in the neighbourhood, and we don't want to have them nosing around the house at night. We didn't have any visitors that we noticed, but of course I dreamed about a mom and cubs browing around between the house and the deck, trapping us outdoors.

This is a heavenly place, campfire, absent bears, s'more-fueled dreams and all.

question: do you like s'mores? want s'more?

mompoet - happy

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