Thursday, July 26, 2012

dreambit deja vu

Walking home from work Tuesday, I caught a glimpse of real life that coincided with something that I experienced in a dream.  If you remember this blog post, I have attempted to pedal a unicycle up North Road while carrying 2 suitcases in my hands. On Tuesday, I saw a fairly close approximation in real life.

I saw a man riding his unicycle northbound on North Road, towards Burquitlam Shopping Centre. He was carrying a satchel with a shoulder strap. It was tucked under his arm, so not quite the same degree of difficulty as my 2 suitcases, one in each hand - but still!

I wanted to ask him if he was going to Safeway to buy Lifesavers, but he was pedaling pretty fast.

I have never seen that before (except in my dream).

question: what does it mean when the least likely part of your dream appears in real life?

mompoet - I forgot to mention, the man was not wearing a bike helmet. Come to think of it, neither was I - in the dream, I mean.

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