Thursday, May 31, 2012

I love this neighbourhood

I pulled into my carport about 6:15 this evening. Bowen and Tristan, the boys who live next door, came running over to my car and stood outside my door, waiting for me to get out. Bowen was so excited I could barely make out what he was saying but I understood he wanted to come look at something. "Tristan taught me!" he kept saying.

So I follow Tristan and Bowen over to their mom's car. She's laughing and saying, "I was just standing here texting, and I looked up to see THIS..." I look over, and Bowen has just opened the trunk of his Mom's car, then he jumps inside the trunk. "Do it!" he shouts at Tristan, who shuts the trunk, closing Bowen inside.

POP! The trunk opens. Bowen jumps out grinning, and shows me a handle inside the trunk that you can use "to escape if a robber puts you in the trunk and drives away - so you can get out! AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!" The only thing more fun than witnessing this is imagining how Tristan taught Bowen this neat trick. They had to both be inside the trunk. I wonder who closed it that time?

Anyways, the boys want to check my trunk next, so we go back to my car, and I pop the trunk. Unfortunately it's full with my emergency gear, so nobody gets to jump inside it. We find the glow in the dark handle. Bowen instructs me about what to do if I get stuck in the trunk. He is totally serious about this, but also spinning with excitement at his discovery. I assure him that if I ever fall into my trunk, and the lid falls closed, I will pull the handle and escape from my trunk (I don't want to put a robber in my version of the story). Then the boys scamper back to their house. Tristan and Bowen's mom is smiling that mom smile that we all do. "Good job, Mom," I say. Tristan overhears me and corrects me, "I taught him," he says. "Good job, Tristan."

question - do you know about the glow in the dark handle for escaping from the trunk?

mompoet - don't fall in the trunk!

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