Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday's post now, Saturday's later

I meant to post this last night, but ended up going over to Kirsi's house for a visit. So now it's Saturday morning. Oh well...

Overheard at our house (hint, the internet police is a main character)

Me:  Hey I.P.!

I.P.: (from behind closed bedroom door) What?

Me: Have you seen our dental floss? It's not in the drawer in the bathroom.

I.P.: Oh, I have, I'll give it to you.

Me: What were you doing with it?

I.P.: I used it to measure my bed.

Me: Oh.         Well, don't bother rolling it back in. Throw out the stuff you used to measure your bed and and will use new to floss.

I.P.:  Ok

question: What do you use to measure your bed?

mompoet - ?

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Internet Police said...

Well if we had a tape measure in the bathroom drawer I wouldn't have to use dental floss to measure my bed when I decide to rearrange my room at midnight. As a family we should be adequately prepared for these sorts of things.