Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven eight nine.

Today I attended day two of "Training in your Department - Make it Stick," an in-house training course put on by the City, my employer. There are 20 of us in the course, all learning how to do a better job of on-the-job training with our staff teams. I also want to learn tips and techniques that will be helpful for my Insights facilitation.

Our homework for today was a "triad teach-back." We had to prepare a 10 minute lesson for two other members of the class, teach our classmates something, then share feedback. Lia, who works at the ice arena, taught us how to properly size women's ice skates. I learned that most people wear skates that are too large, and that properly sized skates are safer and help you skate better. Lia brought some skates for us to try on. I fit the size 7s. Go figure! Cindy taught us how to make excellent paper airplanes, then we got to throw them around the room. That was fun! I taught Amazing Math Tricks - how to reckon 9 x 1 up to 9 x 10, using your two hands, and also how to multiply any two-digit number by 11 without using pencil or paper. We had a lot of fun teaching and learning together, and all of our lessons were well-prepared and presented.

Which brings me to eight, or ate. I will have to learn a math trick for 8, but I guess I'd better not try on any size eight skates, or any nines either, because the sevens eight nine.

question: what can you teach in 10 minutes?

mompoet - look out for seven, he's still hungry

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