Monday, May 21, 2012

seriously, it is NOT May 21

Fiona asked me yesterday why I have not been blogging. She checks my blog every day. I told her that I think I have been preoccupied with other people's stories, which are not mine to tell in this blog. With other people on my mind and in my heart, I have not taken the time for introspection and thus not produced anything to tell the blogosphere about what's going on with me. I also told Fiona that I will blog every day for one week, and thus get back in the habit. I told myself that I will stick to my guns and not tell other people's stories. So I guess that means I have to look at and think about myself. Hmmm...

I have 2 shows coming up weekend after next.

On Saturday, June 2, from 4-445pm, I will perform with the Thundering Word group at the In the House Festival.  I'll be on with Bill MacNamara, Rosemary Nowicki, Bryant Ross and Fernando Raguero. It will be a wonderful hour and 45 minutes of poetry and storytelling. The In the House Festival takes place in houses and yards in East Vancouver. You should check it out!

On Sunday, June 3, from 3-5pm, I will perform at Poetic Justice. That's at the Heritage Grill on Columbia Street in New Westminster. I'll be on with Eileen Kernighan and Vincent Gnitt. Poetic Justice happens every Sunday. It's a lovely reading series with a wonderful following of poets and enthusiasts.

So now I have to choose some pieces and prepare them. For me that means memorizing because I like to perform, rather than read, my work. So, if you see me walking sideways down the road, talking to myself, you'll know what I'm doing. Speaking of sideways walking, my foot is feeling a lot better, but that's a topic for another day.

Talk to you tomorrow!

question: Where's the most interesting place you have seen a performance?

mompoet - getting ready for In the House and Poetic Justice


The Internet Police (aka Fiona) said...

May 22nd has passed. No blog post. I checked.

mompoet said...

The best/worst thing about having your child read your blog is that it keeps you honest. Thanks daughter. mp