Saturday, June 02, 2012

over the rainbow

Fiona is going to Toronto!

CBC TV is running a competition to find an actor to portray Dorothy in a production of The Wizard of Oz in Toronto. On Friday, they held auditions in Vancouver. Fiona made it through to the Toronto callbacks. In mid-June, she and Andy will go to Toronto, where she and about 100 other actors will participate in callbacks, in hopes of moving on to the next round.

I was at work when my phone rang. Fiona and Andy told me the good news, and I burst into tears. Apparently I wasn't the first to do so. Andy told me he had his fingers crossed for about 40 minutes as he waited outside the audition room, and he was being careful not to stand on a crack on the floor tiles. He said, "I just had to do everything right to hope that Fiona would get through." When Fiona and the camera crew emerged, even though she was hiding the ticket behind her back, Andy knew she got it, and he burst into tears. "I'm an emotional guy," he says. The whole thing is being taped for a TV show. When they get to the ten finalists, there will be a live TV show with audience voting through the Fall. I'm guessing golden ticket Fiona and crying Andy will be part of the regional auditions episode.

We are so proud of Fi for doing this. I'll keep you posted. Meantime wish her well in Toronto later this month.

question: where do your happy little bluebirds fly?

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