Sunday, June 03, 2012


I'm scheduled to facilitate an Insights workshop Monday morning. Thoughts about this must have invaded my dream...

I am at my office, packing up my gear for the workshop. I get a phone call from my Insights mentor. Actually, it's a video call. She looks strangely like someone from a movie set in the 1950s, but that's okay because it's a dream. She tells me, "It's good to have some of the mini Halloween packs of Lifesavers candies when you facilitate. You can hand them out to the people in the class who you especially like." I'm okay with this, because coincidentally, I am going to meet with the group at Burquitlam Plaza, a nearby shopping centre, and there's a Safeway there. I tell myself to go to the Safeway and get the Lifesavers before I meet with the group. So I go down to the carpark, which is not the parking lot outside the community centre where I work, but the underground parking at Northgate, another shopping centre which is really close to my office. I take my 2 suitcases of facilitation notes, props and other assorted gear with me and hop on my unicycle, which is stored in the carpark. At the top of the car ramp, turning out to the busy 6 lane street that leads to Burquitlam, I think to myself, "It's going to be tricky riding my unicycle in the rain all the way to Burquitlam, especially carrying these 2 big suitcases in my hands. So I turn around and go get my car. End of dream.

Interpretation? There's a lot about safety in this dream (Safeway, Lifesavers), but all in unreasonable terms. I would never pick favourites in a facilitation group and give them special treats. Even if I do have treats, they have to be more imaginative than candies - lots of facilitators do that! So maybe this is about building up unnecessary expectations and precautions and safeguards - being anachronistically sweet, for example? Trying to carry a heavy load solo when that's not the best choice (symbolized by the unicycle and suitcases)? I think the dream is telling me to get real and get on with what's really important, and not try to do everything the hard way.

question: have you had any unicycle dreams lately?

mompoet - subconscious speaking!

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