Saturday, June 30, 2012

breathing out

The theme of June was anticipation. Side themes were suspense, curiosity and anxiety. Now that we are at the end of June we can at least see what some of the next steps are.

First of all, I got my job, for real and for permanent. I have a permanent job with the city, but have been acting in another job for 4 and a half years. This acting job is the one I blog about from time to time. I work as a recreation programmer at a community centre. My area is seniors' recreation. My "people" are 1000 members, 55 years and older, who come to the rec centre for fun, fitness and learning. The person for whom I was acting got another job recently so the job I have been doing was posted. I applied and interviewed for it and I got my job. Every job I have done with the city has been great, but this one is the greatest. I am very happy to know that I can keep going with it, without the worry of a potential end date. HOORAY! I can't wait to move into my new office. Oh...I am already there. YAY!

Second of all, Fiona will be continuing with the Over the Rainbow competition. She'll go back to Toronto in August as one of the top 20 performers from all across Canada. So in a way, we have replaced the anticipation and anxiety of "will she make the top 20?" with "will she make the top 10?" but I guess life is like that. And I guess we're all still in the same office at this point, cheering her on from home and knowing she'll have an exceptional experience, whatever the outcome.

Last summer seemed like it had to be the most anxious summer, with Fiona preparing to go to university. I thought, at the time, "Next summer will be so relaxed. We'll know just what we're doing." But I guess this is the way it is a lot of the time: working, waiting, wondering what's next. It's all good and really pretty delicious. I'll keep you posted.

question: are you waiting for news?

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