Saturday, October 15, 2011

some good things

Some good things appeared this week. They were small but very nice. First, on my walk to work Tuesday morning I met 3 deer standing just behind the fence of the Petrocan plant. This gorgeous guy with antlers was closest, with 2 others close behind.

The next day, I was walking to work again, and I glanced across the street at a high fence. POP! a knapsack flew over the fence and landed in the grass. Then I saw one hand, and another, then a head and a foot, and somebody clambered over the fence - a student on the way to school, no doubt. I know it's probably a very ordinary occurrence, a shortcut like this, but it's the first time I've observed it happening. It was nice.

Then, on Friday, a baby. When somebody walks around the corner unexpectedly carrying a baby, it's like a wolverine or a unicorn just strolled into the room. In this case, it was my co-worker Adriana, carrying Marisa's baby. Marisa was visiting the office for the first time with her two-week old son, and Adriana had taken him upstairs to meet the ladies in the seniors' coffee lounge. Oh my goodness, a two week old baby is a marvel. I got to hold him until he got tired of rooting around on his hand and wrist and really needed mum back. That was nice plus!

Three good things in one week. I think there were more, but these were the little gems that stuck with me.

question: what is remarkable in your day to day?

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