Sunday, October 16, 2011

sausage poem

At our writing workshop weekend before last, my Shoreline Writers friends and I wrote a sausage poem. We passef a sheet of paper around the table. Each person wrote one line, then folded the paper over, and told the next person what the last word was on that line. The next person wrote a line beginning with that same word, then folded the paper, passed it on, etc. We agreed to write to a theme "Get What you Want," inspired by a newspaper clipping. Here's our poem:

Get What You Want

Whatever you like, you can get what you like.
Like it or not, too much to ccount.
Count the times when the clouds have parted,
Parted in haste - only to regret.
Regret is what I felt when I sniffed the perfume,
Perfume of garlic welling up from your lips,
Lips lie lightly on the object of desire - where do yours lie now? and how?
How, who, what, where - important to know.
Know that every bird flying high must soon crash to earth.
Earth with its enless promise of lore revived.
Revived were my plans when I got home from vacation.
Vacation is what you get!

question - did you ever write a sausage?

mompoet - it ended up making a ring

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