Monday, October 24, 2011

learning to use my camera

Michele and I took an photography course on Saturday. We met in a coffee shop in Fort Langley with our teacher Lesley of Lesley Ann Photography, and one other student. I was excited at the prospect of walking around Fort Langley and taking photos of some interesting things and places, but it turned out to be different, and even better! Lesley helped us find out what our cameras could do, and explained to us what that meant, then we went outside and tried it. She talked mostly about light, and how it makes a good photograph, and how we can work with it, even in the automatic modes on our cameras. She told us that we could become better photographers by practising 10 minutes a day with our cameras, and suggested an approach to do this. So now I'm excited about learning more about photography. Watch out for some photos coming up!

After the workshop, we met up with Andy, and Michele's husband Brent, and we went to the pub for supper then to Michele and Brent's place for a while. It's been a super busy year for all of us, and too long since we've spent an evening together. It was very good to re-connect. It was a good day, with good friends.

question: what was old and new in your weekend?

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Muhd Imran said...

I would love to see photos you've taken with the new knowledge and skill that you now have after that course.

I'd love to learn some things from you with the techniques you'd use taking those photos.

You've got a student here all across the globe. Be coming back...