Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloween care package part 4

Pumpkins! I carved them on Sunday while Dad cooked supper.
 The first one I cut open had a bit of rot inside - YUK!
Poor Jack - got a wooden spoon stuck in his eye!
 The second one was nice and fresh. I saved the seeds from this one and the third one.
 This is pumpkin number 2 - a classic triangle eyes and nose and jaggedy mouth.
 Pumpkin number 3 just had the most wonderful stem and ridges that looked like eyebrows, so I flattened one side a bit and carved it that way.
Here they all are, lit up on the back porch to make sure they are of sufficient quality. They'll go out in the garden in front of the house on Halloween night.

question: do you carve pumpkins?

mompoet - lanterns made from pumpkins are tremendously wonderful

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