Tuesday, February 09, 2010

top secret show

Last night, I saw the first dress rehearsal for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies that will take place on Friday. Fiona got free tickets for our family, to the opening ceremonies rehearsal, because she will be performing in the closing ceremonies. All of the planning and rehearsing for both opening and closing has been top secret so I was super curious to see.

I will not reveal anything about what I saw in the show. I just want to say that it is going to be stunningly beautiful and amazing and wonderful. I'm so happy that I got a sneak peek.

I can say that it seems like everyone is ready and well-prepared, from the people who run public transit, to the umpteen bazillion volunteers guiding and assisting people (not just at the stadium but blocks away throughout the neighbourhood) to the security check people and stadium staff, and of course, the performers and crew on the show. I could see that this was more than a rehearsal for the performance. It was a practice evening for getting a huge number of people into downtown, through the gates and into the experience of the opening ceremony, then home again quickly and safely after it was over.

If you are lucky enough to have tickets to see the show on Friday night, you will have an experience that you will remember for a long time. If not, catch it on TV. I know I'm going to watch again and think, "yup, I saw THAT!"

One lasting impression - the perma-grins sported by almost every aqua parka-wearing support volunteer who I encountered (and I'm sure I saw hundreds). They may have been trained to smile, smile, smile, but what I saw was the real thing. These men and women are stoked to meet the world and help facilitate a really good time. Seeing their enthusiasm and excitement gave me a good glow. Somebody is doing something right. I can see in the eyes of these people that we are ready for something that will be good.

question: what's your Olympic experience?

mompoet - reflecting on an evening spent seeing one of the brightest sides of all of this

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

I'm so excited for Fiona!! Wow - that will be an amazing experience!!
We've checked out downtown and surrounding areas and on Thursday I will watch in the dark of the early morning as the torch travels through our city. I will be wearing my red mittens and waving my Canada flag with pride!
I talked to a volunteer today who is working at the opening and closing ceremonies and she's already smiling ear to ear!