Sunday, February 21, 2010

fun in the sun at the Olympics

On Saturday, Andy and Alex went to the Switzerland-Norway men's hockey game. They had a good time. I met them after the game for an afternoon in the big party crowd that is Olympic downtown Vancouver.

But first, I drove Fiona to her bus-muster point for her closing ceremony rehearsal. We were at Brentwood Mall at 7:30 so she could catch a bus departing at 7:45. Armed with something hot and caffeiny from Starbucks, she was off to rehearsal. It was early enough for me to go to the gym, then back home for a couple of hours.

Fi decided to stay downtown with a couple of friends after the rehearsal ended. I scooted downtown on the skytrain and met up with her. We agreed to stay in touch by cell phone, and travel home together when we were all ready.

I got my bearings. There are crowds everywhere, and several streets are closed for walking. All of the pavilion/celebration areas have lineups, but it's fun just people watching. I sat outside the CBC building and watched people line up to shake hands and take photos with one of the guys from the TV show "The Dragon's Den." The sunshine was warm, and I had a snack and found a clean washroom at the Bread Garden restaurant.

Alex and Andy met me around 3pm. We cruised around the streets and walked down to Live City Yaletown. The lineup was long, but it moved quickly, and we were inside in about half an hour. We visited the Panasonic pavilion and saw the HD 3D home theatre system. We agreed that we are not going to buy an HD 3D home theatre system, but Alex is still hoping the price might come down sometime soon. It was still an hour before the concerts started there, and we were didn't want to stand around that long, so we left and walked around a bit more.

Fi decided to stay longer with her friends she was having such a good time. Alex, Andy and I got on the most crowded skytrain we have ever seen, and traveled home. Expo Line trains were running every 30 seconds, and still it was a mad crush. Everyone was cheerful and polite, but tired. We got home around 7pm.

Andy and I will go back for a full day on Thursday, just us. We'll start earlier and get in to see a few things. I'm thinking I might go downtown super-early Friday and see if I can brave the lineup for a zipline ride. We'll see.

question: are you going to buy an HD 3D home theatre system?

mompoet - I didn't think so

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