Sunday, February 14, 2010

(non-sequitur warning) why I am not a joke-writer

A bald, a grey and a toup walk into a bar. They sit down and start doing a jigsaw puzzle together.

"Why is it," asks the bald, "that my wife won't have sex with me any more? The last time we had sex was when I was 30 years old. Now I'm 42. That's a long time to go without."

The grey and the toup scratch their heads (the toup scratches carefully so as not to muss his 'do).

"Well," says the grey, "maybe it's your SAT score that's not high enough for her."
"Or possibly," adds the toup, "your cholesterol level is objectionable to her."

The three friends ruminate on this as they puzzle over the puzzle, which has only 15 pieces. Three hours later, they are still working on the puzzle.

"What does a guy have to do to get a drink in here?" asks the bald, "I've gone this long without sex, at least someone could bring me some whiskey."

"You're right. Let's go somewhere else. It's too dark in here for jigsaw puzzles anyway," says the grey.

"How about Hooters," says the toup. "They serve you real fast there, and the jigsaw puzzles are easier - only 8 pieces in the jigsaw puzzles at Hooters."

The bald, the grey and the toup leave the bar. A duck, a chicken and a goat take their places, finish the puzzle, drink whiskey all afternoon, and talk about how much they love their wives.

The end

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