Sunday, February 21, 2010

olympic medalist photos from the website

You can log onto the Vancouver 2010 website to see which country has won which medals, and who did the winning.

I think they should use some publicity photos though, instead of these grim looking photos (probably the athletes' accreditation shots). They might as well have posted photocopies of everyone's driver's license or passport images. Look at this. These photos do not say "Hey! I just got a medal for my country!" They say, "I have jetlag." or "I need to find the washroom," or, "Maybe I should have booked a condo instead of agreeing to stay in the athlete's village."

question: does anyone ever look good in an ID photo?

mompoet - smiling whenever it is permitted


Pearl said...

heh, maybe the web designer can swap in happier shots of medalists. but then the others would go from sombre to sour in contrast.

I look like a thug in a police lineup in my driver's license.

mompoet said...

I think you're right about the contrast Pearl. As for the ID photos, I don't know anyone who looks good on their driver's license. My passport is worse, though.