Sunday, February 07, 2010

no limonata for the duration

Mom, Dad and I went to the Playhouse Saturday to see Beyond Eden. It was very good. It's a musical about a real-life expedition to Haida Gwai in the 1950s, when an anthropologist, and artist, and their helpers traveled to an abandoned Haida village to collect totem poles, which they brought back to the city. Some of these poles stand today in the UBC Museum of Anthropology. The play is a musical, blending Haida language, song and dance, with a rock opera style telling of a story of intention and desire. It was unlike any other play or musical I have seen before.

Before the play, we enjoyed a coffee in the theatre lobby. I also went to the bar to pre-order intermission drinks. We usually enjoy a nice limonata at the break. It's a fizzy lemon treat that's very refreshing. This time, the bartender informed me that limonata was not available. For the duration of the Olympics, no non-sponsor beverages are being sold at the Playhouse. Our choices for non-alcoholic cold beverages: coke and related soft drinks, water, or Minute Maid orange juice. Um, no thanks.

I can understand that the City of Vancouver has an agreement with the Vancouver Olympic Committee, and the Plahouse is a civic theatre. But this seems a bit silly. Oh well, next time. In the meantime, I will not switch over to Coke. (or RBC, or VISA)

question: I wonder if they are using only sponsor toilet paper in the bathrooms?

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