Thursday, October 01, 2009


September is over. What a beautiful, confusing, overwhelming, hairpin-turn time of year. It feels good to ease into October.

At work, I have completed a huge, major, project, and mostly got my fall activities off to a good start. I'm dearly missing my co-worker who is on a five-week European vacation, and grateful for my other co-workers and boss, who are helping me keep going through this busy time. I know things are getting better because I am stopping more frequently to have sincere, friendly conversations and not dreading when the phone rings. You know those days when you're returning a voicemail and find 2 more when you hang up? then your cell phone rings when you are on your landline, and your landline rings while you are eating a carrot at your desk because you don't have time for lunch, then you're on your landline and cellphone simultaneously, while trying to swallow carrot bits without choking, and someone else walks into your office and starts talking while you are on two phones and asphyxiating simultaneously? oh well.

I have been enjoying my walks home from work, which is great relaxation as well as good exercise. We have an eventful weekend coming up, so that is on my mind. Cousin Kirsty is here from England, staying downtown, but coming here for supper Friday, then we'll plan further adventures. My 30 year grad reunion is Saturday evening. Sunday, Fiona and her friends are performing in a family show for the Port Moody Arts Festival. Alex will work all weekend, and Andy is likely to be called in to work too. I just hope we'll have one supper together (Sunday?) and we'll be able to get everyone where he/she needs to go. It's still busy for sure, but not with the emotional wallop of September. We have adjusted.

We're still waiting to find out when the election will be called. My guess is that it will be a by-election, rather than a general election, and that it will be called on the very last day that it legally can be called - October 13. So we'll have an election in November. That will be interesting, with the shelter running at our church that month. I'll have to pace my days - between early morning at the church and evenings helping with canvassing. Thinking about it, I know that it will be tiring but gratifying. It feels good to be able to do something about the world. Zest beats rest most days.

question: how are you at the turn of the month?

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