Thursday, October 08, 2009

the further adventures of Nelson the rat

Nelson will soon go to Egypt. My friend Diana McNamara told me that her cousin Janet will soon travel to Africa. Janet's husband is running in a cross-desert foot race in the Sahara. Diana told Janet about Nelson, the traveling plastic rat, and Janet invited him to come along.

Diana facebooked me Janet's work phone number and I went to Janet's work yesterday afternoon. She's a hair stylist at Stylin' Divas in Port Moody, which is about a kilometer from my house. So I know that this is in the stars for Nelson to go to the Sahara with Janet.

I bid Nelson farewell in a funky basement salon and left him Janet's care. She promised him that she will take him on a camel ride.

Janet and her husband will be back in early November. I'll post the photos when I get them. Janet says Nelson's pedicure is very nice. I'm hoping that before or after (or during) the trip, he might get styled up by Janet and the ladies at Stylin' Divas. Nelson likes to be styled. Yup he does.

question: have you been to the desert?

mompoet - wishing Nelson a happy time and saying thank you to Diana and Janet


Carol said...

Hi Mompoet,
How wonderful to see that an ol' friend is still around and I don't mean Nelson!

I have been thinking of you lately as I am still in Toastmasters and gave a poetry reading today. I read two of Pauline Johnson's poems-The Song My Paddle Sings and The Cry of an Indian Wife.
My first time at it. Okay, I went too fast for them to follow, they aren't a poetic crowd but I was totally into it!

Your Blogpal still,

Pearl said...

wow, that lucky rat.

been to a desert in a sandstorm. interesting to have reds burned into the retiinas. the greens later are technicolor.