Sunday, October 11, 2009


I hurt my back yesterday. I have this old lower back injury from when I was about 20 years old. It first developed when I was teaching fitness like a maniac - Jane Fonda style. Throughout my twenties and thirties it flared up from time to time when I was stressed or tired or for no real reason whatsoever. It has not happened in a few years. Anyway, on Saturday afternoon, for no real reason whatsoever - TWANG! Now I'm hobbling around with my whole back in muscle spasms. I'm taking Robaxicet and using my magic wheat bag heated in the microwave, and not lifting anything. It hurts like the dickens.

I know that I will feel better tomorrow, and even better the next day. In the meantime, Mom is making the turkey for tonight's supper so I'm sure I can make it. Andy and Alex and Fiona are doing the dishes and bringing me stuff. I went for a walk down to Myrna's last night. Kirsi carried my wine and my magic bag, which was nice. She also made fun of me and said, "Look at me, I'm the gimp woman. I'm the troll!" Which made me stop walking and laugh so hard I nearly peed my pants. Unfortunately, I cannot walk and laugh at the same time right now. Fortunately, I still have bladder control, so I did not pee my pants. The laughter cheered me up.

Actually, I am not feeling glum about this because I know it's temporary, and it is forcing me to slow down this weekend, which is good. I am not good at slowing down, so I figure maybe this is for some good reason, although I could do without the excruciating pain part.

question: do you have a part of you that stops working when life gets to be overwhelming?

mompoet - the gimpy troll woman from Port Moody


Lazy Daisy said...

happy Thanksgiving. Unfortunately the part of me that shuts down when I'm stressed is my brain.

Muhd Imran said...

Hope you'll feel better soon.

I have migraine when I get really stressed out. It used to be quite often when I don't let up trying very hard not to fail my tasks at work, pushing myself.

I soon know how to manage and not to push myself so hard, it wasn't going to work anyway. So giving me a break when I needed it helps a lot. I hate migraines.

Have a good weekend.