Friday, October 02, 2009

lucky day

October 1 turned out to be pretty nice. I had a good day at work, and a massage on my break! Our massage school students are back, with an outreach clinic offering 1 hour sessions for just $15. The appointments book up quickly, but I managed to snag one each month from now until Christmas. The student who worked with me did some nice things to help my perpetually tight neck and upper back muscles, and instructed me to stretch out my pecs using a door frame as a brace. I should get stronger in my upper back and stretchier in my upper front. That's all.

After supper I drove into Vancouver to take part in a focus group about BCAA. I was invited to do this via the company's website and newsletter. I've been a BCAA member for over 25 years, which is very helpful to me, considering I lock my keys in the car pretty frequently, and I drive an old car that sometimes needs a lift to the mechanic's place. Oh, yes, occasionally I leave the headlights on. Oh well.

So I got to the place, found a parking spot in the dark, in the rain. It's almost 8pm by now and I'm supposed to be there from 8-10pm, but they'll pay me $80 so that's good. I went into the office and signed in. The waiting room is full of people and we're all wearing nametags and just sitting there, wondering what this will be like. Then the receptionist comes up to me and tells me I can go home, and they'll pay me the $80 anyway. Turns out they invite 11 people when they really need 10, in case of a no show. Thursday night at 8pm there were 11 people. Somebody had to go. I won the prize. YAY! So I went home and baked an apple crisp before I went to bed.

question: how is your luck, these days?

mompoet - lucky, lucky, lucky

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Muhd Imran said...

October 1st has been kind to you and looks promising to give you more TLC.

Yep. You're lucky and you should enjoy it.

I guess I'm lucky too... with all the downsizing still very apparent in my workplace, I was transferred to the global team to do corporate stuff from my operational since it is one of the places to be drastically reduced in the coming months.

Surviving December will be good for anybody since there will be a 13th month bonus.

Surviving another 3 months till after March 2010 will be stupendous since that is the time the company gives out profit sharing monies to its deserving employees.

I am however, saddened by the good people that had to go and those that had to quit because the workplace has become not conducive anymore or unable to accept being transferred to another location on the island.

2010 will be a trying time for many and me too since I don't think I'm out of the woods yet... waiting for the world economy to recover seems to be so beyond anyone's capability.

My apology for dwelling too much into my predicaments... of late. Still there is always hope for a better turn of opportunities come 2010.

Have a good weekend and a great Q4 in 2009 to celebrate 2010!