Thursday, September 17, 2009

wrestling with Kurt Cobain

Next Thursday I'm going to be part of a show called Mashed Poetics #2 - Nirvana Nevermind

Thursday, September 24, 9:30pm
Cottage Bistro 4468 Main Street Vancouver
$5 - $10 sliding scale admission

There's a band, Lithium, that will play all of the songs from the Nevermind album. Each song has been assigned to a poet, who will perform a poem inspired by that song. The band and poets will alternate through the evening.

I have drawn the song, "In Bloom." It's second on the album, so I think that means I will be second up. I have the CD Nevermind, but admit it has not been on my frequent play list. I respect what it stands for, and the impact it made when it came out, and how it is a classic with lasting appeal, but the style of music is not really my favourite. When the album came out I was listening to Raffi and Fred Penner with the kids. Anyway, I thought, "this will be interesting, and I like a challenge." So here is what I have learned through my experience with Nirvana, listening to the songs, reading up about the band and the life and death of Kurt Cobain:

- I like this album very much
- I still don't understand most of the words when I listen, nor do I trust the online lyrics for the songs
- I don't know if I like Kurt Cobain

I'm moved by the passion and the roughness of the sound, mixed with addictive elements that I don't even know how to describe. I can understand now why it is "all that."

So I wrote a poem, which I am keeping under wraps until the show, but will post here after. I recited it to Fiona in the car today. She looked at me and said, "whoa." So we'll see.

I think that this will be an amazing evening of music and poetry. Even before I have heard the band, I totally admire the musicians for taking this on. If the other poets' experience of listening, feeling writing is anything like mine was, I admire it too.

Wish me luck. I have sure not wrestled Kurt to the ground, but we have made a closer acquaintance than before.

question: do you listen to Nirvana?

mompoet - finished wrestling for now

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