Wednesday, September 02, 2009

time for some words

Fiona remarked to me last night that I have not posted my blog for quite a few days. Looking back, I see that she is right. I have neglected blogging for a while. The few posts that I have put up since returning from Mexico are all links or photos. I guess I must have taken a vacation from blogging too.

So here I am, and I will try to play catch-up and get reconnected with the blog and my blog friends.

Today is a Wednesday and I have the day off work so I can make my annual trek to the PNE. Fiona's dancing school will perform there on the community stage in the afternoon. We'll arrive shortly before her show time, enjoy the show, then spend the rest of the afternoon and the evening at the fair. My favourite things there (in no particular order) are: the farm barns, the Super Dog show, any human performers, the prize home and people-watching. The parts that leave me cold are the rides (lineups are too long at fair time, and the ride duration is shorter than when it's not fair time), most of the fair food, and the marketplace. Did you know that you can buy a hot tub, or get your teeth whitened at the PNE? I sometimes like to watch the demos of miracle cleaning products or super-pots, but I lump that under "any human performer" more than actual sales. I will visit my friend Rhonda, who will be at the marketplace selling Arbonne skincare, not because I like the marketplace, but because I like Rhonda. Andy will come straight from work and meet us there. After the dancing, Fi will take off with her friends and join us at the end of the evening to go home.

As for the fair food, some people love the little donuts, the corn on the cob, deep-fried Mars Bars and foot long hotdogs. I find most of the fair food to be overpriced and not as good as you think it will be. I pack and refill my own water bottle, and search for something at least slightly nutritious and palatable when it's mealtime. Usually, I end up with a salad roll from the Vina Vietnamese restaurant stall. If I have to get 2 meals, I go back to the same place later and get wonton soup. There's also pretty good Indian food at Curry in a Hurry, but it's pretty rich, so really good only if I have someone to split it with. I have never figured out the appeal of Jimmy's Burgers or cotton candy, and I think that the caramel apple is an abomination from another universe.

The fair doesn't change much from year to year, but neither do I, because I keep on enjoying it. It's at least worth the price of admission, so I come back. Usually parking costs more than getting through the gate, but that's another story.

question: what are your most and least favourite fair foods?

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

I love the mixture of the smells of the food at the PNE. I don't eat the burgers or hot dogs and I have never enjoyed a candy apple but I have a soft spot for the hot little cinnamon covered donuts -- yum yum!
This year I had some fish and chips from C-Lovers and it was actually quite tasty. The food just goes with the ambience, the sunshine and the crowds!