Saturday, September 19, 2009

the cove

Fiona, and my niece Maya and I saw The Cove last night. It's a documentary about a town in Japan where fishermen trap and kill dolphins. They sell a few to "dolphinariums" for dolphin shows and swimming with the dolphins. The rest are slaughtered, and the meat sold in Japan, labeled as whale meat.

The movie is fascinating, sickening and saddening. The footage of the dolphin kill is blessedly brief but heart-rendingly awful. Along the way, we learn about whaling, politics, culture and commerce and about the relationships people have with the big, intelligent mammals who swim in our oceans.

There's a website with information about what to do to help stop this practice. Here is the New York Times movie review.

It's still in one theatre in Vancouver (Granville Cinemas), and I guess it will be out on DVD soon. You should see this.

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