Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have been eating this salad (or variations) like it's the only best most wonderful thing available:

red, yellow or orange bell pepper
english cucumber
red onion
1 fresh lime
olive oil
salt and pepper

chop up the veggies into small bits - you should have enought for 3-4 cups salad
dress with juice of 1 lime and a splash of olive oil
season with s and p

It's really good


Muhd Imran said...

Yummy. I love vegetables! Salad is the right food for everyone... nutritious as it is delicious.

We are dishing out vegetable and fruit salads this Hari Raya for our guests at our house this Saturday since we will be visit a record 13 houses squeezed into one day.

With lots of home-cooked food from every home, we figured our home will be the last few... everyone will be stuffed by the time they are here... light salad will be just great!

Have yourself a happy and healthy weekend!

mompoet said...

Enjoy your moving feast on Saturday, Imran! I think you and your wife have made a good choice, planning a salad course for your guests at the end of the banquet.