Friday, September 04, 2009

back to school

On Tuesday, schools open and the kids and young adults go back. It's a bittersweet time of year for families. By now, we are pretty much ready for the routine to resume. The students in our homes are missing their school friends, and looking forward to some of their classes and all of their other school-year activities. There are new clothes, new school supplies, new teachers and programs. On the other hand, we feel sad about letting go of the sleep-in mornings and relaxed pace of summer living.

Fiona begins grade 11 next week. Alex will return to university, this year to a one-year documentary film-making program. I think they are both happy about what they will be doing. We also have my niece Maya in our extended family of students this year. She has moved into Burnaby to live at my Mom and Dad's place, and attend university near where they live.

I feel happy and optimistic about this school year for the kids. We have enjoyed an excellent summer, and look forward to good (if busy) times this fall. The kids are growing up. Andy and I are growing into our role as parents of young adults. We are all well, and enjoying each other.

At work, I am heading to the end of 2 years in a temporary assignment, wondering if it will be extended yet again. I'm actually good at it this year! I'll take a few courses through my employer, and continue to develop new skills through my experiences on the job. I'm looking forward to my ladies weekend on the Sunshine Coast, possibly seeing my sister and her family again at Thanksgiving, and the fall season of plays, movies and poetry. I am also happy about cooking this fall. I've had so much fun eating "mostly plants" this summer. I know that the fall harvest will bring new ingredients and inspirations.

September is more like new year than January in a lot of ways. All in all, it has been a happy year. Now it's time for another. Happy New Year!

question: what changes happen for you in September?

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