Monday, September 21, 2009

september is intense

I am glad I did not say "insane," that being one of my pet peeves (calling anything that is unpleasant or exceptional "insane.") We are 3/4 of the way through the real new year of the year - the time when everyone starts something new, and I am about ready for a rest from the sproingy, demanding, reactiveness of this spring-loaded lollapallooza of a month.

Pause for trivia - blogger's spellcheck corrects my spelling of "lollapallooza" as:


Come on - collapsible? from lollapallooza? However, I think I will change my name to "Mompoet Lollobrigida." I like the Lollo part.

Back to topic. September is intense. Well, for starters, the kids are back to school. That's like hitting the structure wall after 8-12 weeks of "whatever." The first week was deceptive but now we're really talking business: homework, assignments, having to get up at 7 in the morning or earlier on an ongoing basis, packing lunches (the kids pack their own so that's more pressure), everyone needing a shower at the same time in the morning at our house. Yes, it is intense.

We have also been experiencing mechanical failures of consistent and grand proportions. Alex's X Box 360, Fiona's iPod touch, my car (first a wee radiator as an appetizer, now the engine - white smoke and herky jerky lurching HEAD GASKET). The bright side is that we are all well. It's just stuff, and it's just money. The people are all okay and the car broke down during the daytime, close to home. We all love each other and we can fix stuff and pay the bills.

Adding to intensity: auditions, fences that need painting, persistent low disc space notices on the computer, my beloved camera making a very sick noise (but still taking pictures - for now) and some extraordinarily busy days at work for Andy and for me. We are ready for a rewind to mid-August if that's possible. Failing that, we will soldier on and get over it, and October will be robust and less intense and just normal fall. Everyone loses his or her cool in a spectacular way at least once in September. Everyone reflects on the meaning of life in September. Everyone has a moment of existential doubt in September. Everyone pushes the restart button in September. Life goes on.

I'm not sure if that expresses it, but that's the best I can do for now.

question: how is your September?

mompoet - trying to remind myself I do not like bland


~Camy said...

I just used the word intense on my facebook status before I came here to read blogs! Amazing we chose the same word...intense at work because its September and we are back in full swing and we lost one program coordinator so I am doing the job of two...intense because Christina's car blew up and is now waiting for some sort of decision on what to do with it...intense because girls are noth crazy busy with school and their respective work as well...intense because Wings is back on and is just another full time job on part-time the house is a mess and I have no social life or friends besides my Farmville ones...LOL...but as you say...we are all well, and its all only money..which we could use more of!!!

Kristene said...

September is slow. September is frustrating. September is cheese-less. September is like floating in space with only the same ten DVD's, that you've already watched over and over and over again, to keep you entertained.

I'm ready for October.