Sunday, July 05, 2009

summer of the (mostly outside) supper

Andy and I are on vacation for the first 12 days of July. We had planned to go camping, but Soleil, our dog, just isn't up to it, and we don't want to leave her with anyone either. We canceled our campsite and we're enjoying a vacation at home. This is actually very nice. We live in a place to which people come from all over the world for their vacations, and living here, we don't always do all of the things we might do to enjoy our home town.

We have not grand plans - just a day at a time. We're spending time outdoors and doing a lot of supper time getting together with friends.

On Tuesday, we attended a 50th birthday party for our friend Richard. We saw friends from Andy's high school days and friends we have got to know through them. There were lots of growing-up kids there, younger than ours, but so much older than when we last saw them. Richard and his wife Chantal cooked a lovely barbeque supper, and we ate at tables on their patio.

On Wednesday, we celebrated Canada Day with a neighbourhood block party pot luck supper. This is a tradition where we live. Everyone is welcome to join, and we never plan the menu, but somehow, a complete meal shows up (in stages, as people arrive from whatever they've been doing through the day). It was great to sit out on the street with our neighbours who we love, and celebrate Canada's 142nd birthday.

Thursday I think we rested. I know the kids were out (Fiona away in Kelowna at a dance competition, Alex at work). Andy and I had a quiet supper for two on our deck.

On Friday, one of the Ladeez in the 'Hood, Leanne, had us over to her new house. Even if you move away, once a Ladee, you are always so. Leanne served wine on her deck, and presented course after course of "appies" which amounted to a scrumptious gourmet meal. Leanne loves to cook, and we are happy to eat her wonderful creations!

Saturday, we met at Louise's place. Mom and Dad came, and Robin and her family. It was another potluck. Andy operated the barbeque for Louise who had marinated luscious beef skewers, and I took over her kitchen to wok cook all kinds of veggies. Mom brought salad. Robin prepared a decadent chocolate brownie dessert. We ate at Louise's dining room table, nestled in the tall trees of her new North Burnaby home.

Every night included laughter, friendship, and slow eating in good company. Our days are full of sunshine and adventure. Our evenings are small homecomings to communities of people who we love.

So far, this vacation is going great!

question: with whom have you dined lately?

mompoet - blessed to be at the banquet

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

What a lovely life we have filled with friends and family. Truly blessed!
Enjoy the rest of your at home vacation, then it's time to prepare for your romantic escape to Mexico.
Life is good!!