Saturday, July 18, 2009

international space station (and shuttle) sighting

Fiona and I were walking down the fire road in the dark a little after 10:30pm last night, when we saw a bright light crossing the sky overhead. It was up too high to be an airplane, and too bright to be a typical satellite sighting. It was as if 1 and a half Venus's were arcing across the sky at a good clip. Standing in the road, surrounded by tall trees, we could see it for a little more than a minute, then it disappeared from view. I remembered hearing an astronomer on the radio earlier in the day, saying that the space station, with the shuttle docked, would be visible in the night sky. I wondered if that's what it was.

I looked it up on the NASA website, and sure enough, that's what we saw. Here's a link to find space station/shuttle sightings in the next few days.

question: is it a bird?

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