Wednesday, July 29, 2009

feature poet

I'm the feature poet this month at the Vancouver Poetry House website. The poem is one I wrote about my recurring fear of losing touch with reality.

I wonder why forgetting triggers fear of dementia? We all forget or get mixed up every day. Sometimes we joke about it, but it I think we do that to mask the fear that this is the first loss of an inevitable downslide into oblivion. Really, most of us may slow down a bit mentally as the years go by, but few of us will lose it totally. So I should stop being worried.

Today I resolve to allow myself to mess up, reverse things, mix up, forget and honestly laugh about it. It's human nature.

question: I forgot the question

mompoet - making art out of human muddlement

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Muhd Imran said...

"Somewhere, deep inside, a river of strength is rising."

A very good motto. Stick with that and you can live your life against any any odds.