Friday, July 17, 2009

runpee for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

It's summer. It's hot outside, tempting a jumbo soft drink when you arrive at the theatre. The lineups are long, and the new Harry Potter movie is even longer. It's no wonder you might need to step out for a few minutes before the end of the movie. is a website that gives movie viewers suggestions about the best time to run to the bathroom in the middle of a movie.

For Harry Potter, it suggests one of the few scenes in which Hagrid appears, so I disagree (being a total fan of Hagrid). Having seen the movie and unscrambled the synopsis of the scene, I do agree that it is a weak scene - I mean, it involved spider venom AND Hagrid, so it could have been great, but instead it limped along. However, I do think that they could have chosen one of the many scenes of pining, lovesick adolescent wizards, which are (I think) longer, and significantly more repetitive. A couple of other suggestions are given, for times earlier in the movie. You could unscramble these without spoiling the movie and decide which you would choose. I guess it depends on what you like/dislike most in Harry Potter movies. For me, Hagrid is the parmesan cheese on the big doughball of a story.

Anyway, runpee is a good resource if you tend to need to step out, and if you remember to look at it before you go to the theatre. I suppose you could look it up on your iPhone or whatever while you sit in that long line, also.

question: have you seen the new Harry Potter?

mompoet: I waited until after the credits, then ran out the door


Muhd Imran said...

I'm not a fan of Harry Potter, but Sonny is... a hardcore fan who has all the hardcovers from JK.

It looks like I will watch it with him and Wifey anyway, like the rest of the previous ones.

polyGeek said...

Thanks for writing about I'm the developer/creater.

I was also a bit disappointed that there was so little of Hagrid in this movie. He's always been my favorite. I always try to pick out as many PeeTimes as I can during a movie. It's harder than you might think. And not enjoyable at all. But, it must be done. :) Maybe someday I'll have access to watch a movie a few times before it comes to the theater so that I can get as many PeeTimes as possible and make them as accurate as they can be.

Actually, my ultimate goal would be to have the video footage from that PeeTime available for the mobile devices. That way you could watch what you're missing while going to the rest room. Wish me luck.

mompoet said...

That's a good sport, Imran, going along even though Harry Potter is not your favourite. I hope you had a good time at the show, and I bet Sonny and Wifey loved it.

polyGeek! Thank YOU for responding to my blog post. I can appreciate how tough your job is. I love the idea of having clips available to watch in the bathroom so you don't miss a thing. Please keep up the good work with your splendid website, and good luck with the new developments.